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Each piece of furniture is handcrafted with the highest quality of standards and commitment using premium building materials.


Made in USA. Fine upholstery starts with dedication, combined with American craftsmanship. Resulting in a quality and standard that go beyond measure.

Dried Kiln Hardwood is used to create Sylvester Alexander's heavy duty frames. Accurately cut corner blocks prevent shifting at each juncture.

Sylvester Alexander displays high-end quality through the eight-way hand-tied spring system and webbed bottom. (Offered as an upgrade for a nominal fee.) Propex webbing and a metal band are interlaced and adhered to the bottom of each frame. Followed by 8-8 1/2 gauge springs intertwine within the webbed structure. A nylon cord is then tied to each spring coil in eight different directions and mounted to the frame.

A high-density urethane foam combined with polyester is placed over the 8 1/2 gauge Sinuous spring.

A nylon threaded button needle is used to create the tuft on each piece.

The possibilites are endless at Sylvester Alexander and the fabrics are no exception. We offer a wide-range of colors, patterns, leathers, and vinyls - all carefully inspected prior to cutting. Expert cutters use style specific templates to ensure a precise fit and accurate pattern flow. Specialized sewing operators are used to craft each piece using six stiches per inch. Additionally, all cushions have a half inch seam allowance to assure the longevity of your furniture.

All of Sylvester Alexander's welt is hand-trimmed and strategically placed by hand on specific styles.

A pressurized nail gun is used to ensure proper depth and placement of each designer nail.

Each piece of furniture is thoroughly inspected by a trained technician to enhance the quality of our company standards.

Under the high heat shrink wrapped bag you will find: a double wall tray system, a protective fabric cover, and cardboard end caps that encapsulate the integrity of your furniture.